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Expectation vs. Gratitude

It could be warmer. The meal could be better. That drink a little colder. My job should be better. I should be paid more. My team should be playing better.

When we expect so much from life — when we expect more — we tend to find only frustration & malaise.

We build up our expectations to only be satisfied by some vague, better version of reality in a hypothetical future.

And are always left wanting.

Yet by simply catching ourselves with such thoughts can be enough to radically improve our lives.

Rather than expectation, be grateful:

It’s a beautiful, warm day. Appreciate having food on the table. Appreciate the fact that you can buy a cold drink. Appreciate your job. Your colleagues. The fact you earn enough to live a relatively comfortable life. That, even if you’re team may not be playing well, they are trying.

Because approaching everything with gratitude will allow you to find the beauty and wonder in even the smallest things.

And to see the positive where before you found only the negative.

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