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Fear of Launch

Why Most Products Fail

We create a business plan, discuss the competition, meticulously plan our non-existent financial projections for the coming years.

But we don’t launch a product.

We discuss revenue streams, how the product might look, who to sell it to.

But we don’t launch a product.

We share our hopes & dreams, chat late into the night about how things might be in the future.

But we don’t launch a product.

We remain stuck in a world of hypotheticals — of what could be —instead of reality. And, as a result, those could be’s become should have been’s.

Because we never launched a product. Because we never put something out into the world. We never brought any substance to the table to be tested, to be iterated upon, to be relentlessly improved.

Yes, you need a plan. Not a 10-page, detailed business plan. Just a plan about what you are building & why. A short vision statement, a brief break-down of your strategy, a roadmap to get you there.

But that plan should be build upon the core of your busieness: a product. Not just a hypothetical product, but one in the real world. Because only in the real world will you realise that you can’t plan for reality. You can only follow where it will take you as fast as you can keep up.

The fear & uncertainty holding you back is part of the package. Learn to deal with it or get out of the game.

Because if you don’t launch a product, you’re never going anywhere.

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