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Something to keep your ego in check

As a society, we shy away from death. Even the word is a bit alarming.

It’s just not talked about. People find it uncomfortable.

Yet I’ve found that confronting it liberates you.

We talk about death as your body ceases to function in a traditional sense.

But what about that moment, sometime in the further future, when your name is spoken for the last time? When you cease to exist, even as a concept?

It’s most likely two generations away. Maybe a handful of people around the world out-last that. But very few.

So what do you want that last utterance to be? Do you want it to be about wealth? About status? About your house?

Do you really think people will care about those things? Do you think they make you stand out?

Or would you prefer a story? A story about some crazy adventure? A drunken situation you got yourself into? A story so funny it has half the room crying with laughter?

Whatever you want your conclusion to be depends on how you start your introduction. How you form your chapters. What you base them upon.

Thinking about the end may be scary, but its the only way to clarify where you want to go & why. And it gives you the urgency to go after it.

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